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Hotel Oz'Inn Cap d'Agde

Naturist Village, CAP d'Agde.

Contemporary and eco-friendly, the Hotel Oz'Inn showcases a space of exception.

Refugee in the naturist village - between sea and nature - safe from prying... The Hotel Oz'Inn is one of those places where time seems to stop.

Atypical atmosphere that invites relaxation and sensuality, ensuring each respect for the choice of her nakedness.

A naturism natural and suggested will be carried out inside the hotel. Comfortable, cozy, and current, the Oz'Inn Hotel**** is a unique place which will make your stay exceptional. For the disabled, Oz'Inn Hotel**** provides custom support to facilitate your stay.

Hôtel Oz'Inn Cap d'Agde
For people with disabilities, Oz'Inn Hotel provides personalized care to facilitate your stay.

5 = 6* For bookings of 6 nights,
the 6th night is offered.

* Offer valid only on superior rooms - excluding July - August