What is naturism?

We can consider naturism as a way of life, quite simply! Some even speak of philosophy of life … It is about practicing nudity in a public way, but in reserved places. These are mostly preserved places, to avoid any amalgam with exhibitionism and voyeurism. Naturism allows a true communion with nature. Those who practice it are generally very respectful of their environment. Naturism makes it possible, among other things, to exacerbate the feelings that one can have in contact with nature and its elements, such as wind, sun or water …

naturism cap d'agde

A real freedom to live

It is a movement that was born at the beginning of the 50s. To this day, naturism knows a considerable boom. It is more and more practiced by all socio-professional categories. It is considered a true freedom, both in body and spirit. In addition, there is a non-negligible element to take into account, it is the acceptance of oneself, of one’s body, and in fact the absence of judgment or the look of those around us, favoring in fact the simple relations by erasing the distinctive signs that usually categorize us.

Naturism or Nudism

Nudism does not really have anything to do with naturism. As explained above, if naturism is above all a way of life, mainly based on respect and willingness to share a common place, nudism is simply a more isolated act of bathing or strolling naked outside. any particular frame.

Becoming a naturist

If you want to return to a more natural state, find yourself and gain some serenity, or even abandon your complexes, know that living naked in a common and protected place will certainly allow you to gain peace of mind … It’s also a good time to build self-confidence. So, are you ready to break free of the textile?

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