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Luxury hotel-5 star hotel Cap d’agde

This is primarily a luxury accommodation, the main criterion of which is of course the house. This must make a minimum of 24m2. At the Oz'Inn Hotel & Spa, we offer rooms ranging from 28m2 for deluxe rooms to 75m2 for the Premium Suite. For the Premium Suite, we decided to decorate your stay with a beautiful terrace, which offers a decor at 360 °. Enjoy your solarium or your private outdoor Jacuzzi, or invite your friends to enjoy it with you.

January 24th, 2019|

Naturism – Naturist Hotel Cap d’Agde

What is naturism? We can consider naturism as a way of life, quite simply! Some even speak of philosophy of life ... It is about practicing nudity in a public way, but in reserved places. These are mostly preserved places, to avoid any amalgam with exhibitionism and voyeurism. Naturism allows a true communion with nature. Those who practice it are generally very respectful of their environment. Naturism makes it possible, among other things, to exacerbate the feelings that one can have in contact with nature and its elements, such as wind, sun or water ...

January 24th, 2019|

Oz-Inn Hôtel & Spa Rewiews

Oz-Inn Hôtel Rewiews Our hotel is no exception to this rule. Our hosts give their opinion on our services, and we know that they are consulted before choosing a stay in Cap d'Agde. Thus, there are many sites that list the opinions of travelers. And on some we can even leave photos ... Also, we suggest you to discover these reviews by visiting the sites below.

January 24th, 2019|


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